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Media Asset Management (MAM) Solutions


Company Overview

Tedial is a leading provider of MAM solutions (Media and Content Management) designed to maximize business efficiency and profitability.

Thanks to technological innovation and industry leadership, and justified by years of prestigious product awards, our company provides international broadcasters and global media companies with next-generation solutions for Media Management and business driven media workflow. Tedial software enables end-to-end business media and entertainment orchestration, marrying media preparation and logistics to a complete supply-chain operation, providing our enterprise clients with scalable tools that cost-effectively support increased business efficiency and profitability, in-line with unprecedented deployment speed to keep pace with expanding media consumption, increasing year on year.

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Adobe Integrations Overview

Any user with the specific rights could send different assets to Adobe Premiere Pro CC or After Effects CC to be edited. When edited, the assets could be stored into Evolution MAM with the same or different name (and metatags) so that the workflow can go on in the Evolution BPM environment.

Key Differentiators

Tedial Solutions are designed to reinforce our customers position in a very competitive environment, allowing them to increase margin and profit in a transforming industry where the consumer habits and demands for supply constantly evolve.

Adobe Products we support:

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