Benefits and Requirements

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Joint Innovation Seamless Workflow End-Customer Value

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Integrate and optimize with Adobe applications and ensure streamlined customer solutions.


  • Easy access to Adobe and's open APIs, SDKs, and technical assistance
  • Complimentary Creative Cloud development licenses
  • Marketing resources
  • Regular product direction updates
  • Listing on our Partner Directory


  • Build an extension or implement a hardware or software optimization for one or more of Adobe's Video/Audio applications
  • Actively test your solutions and communicate regularly with Adobe
  • Offer and promote current, brand-compliant information about your solutions
  • Actively work with Adobe to resolve technical issues that may arise with mutual customers
  • Create and link to Partner Directory page or Partner website

Enter a program designed to transform system integrators into experts ready to tackle any company’s video needs.


  • Official Adobe recognition as a certified solution partner
  • Ability to sell your services directly or by co-selling with Adobe
  • Marketing support and co-authored blog posts
  • Promotion from Adobe highlighting customer successes and building brand credibility
  • Listing on our Partner Directory


  • Undergo a training as a pre-requisite
  • In a 1:1 session with Adobe, demonstrate expertise in support, workflow and system design, and software integrations
  • Create and link to Partner Directory page or Partner website

Discover the most efficient and effective way to integrate your hardware and software solutions with's cloud-first collaboration platform.


  • Co-marketing
  • Joint roadmap
  • Scalable releases
  • Security and support
  • Effortless Integrations
  • Listing on our Partner Directory


  • Comply with security, uploader, and launch requirements
  • Complete steps from initiation to deployment. Learn more.
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Customer first, but Partner-centric

Customer first, but Partner-centric

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