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Reinventing Pro Storage


Company Overview

iodyne is dedicated to providing Pro users with the absolute best technology and tools to manage your most important creative assets. After more than 20 years designing some of the industry’s leading enterprise storage systems, including the revolutionary ZFS filesystem, industry-first Hybrid Disk/SSD ZFS Storage System, NVMe Fabrics protocol, and industry-first NVMe pooled storage and industry-first 100GB/s DSSD Storage System, iodyne’s founders have created a company to bring breakthrough storage technologies to Pro desktops and workgroups. The kind of storage we want to use every day to store our files, and simply could not find in the market.


Adobe Integrations Overview

To meet the latest production challenges, you need to execute workflows faster and more securely. Pro Data is your workflow workhorse; whether you’re doing video editing on Premiere Pro, post work in After Effect, overdubs in Audition, or just keeping your team organized, Pro Data can support it all. All Adobe workflows have been tested to ensure optimal performance.

Key Differentiators

We take enterprise storage technology and make it accessible to creative professionals. Our products are built and designed from the ground up to maximize reliability, performance, and ease of use. If you can’t take one of our drives out of the box and figure it out without consulting the manual, we’re not doing our jobs right.

Some things that make Pro Data special:

-Flexibility and massive capacity of the world’s fastest Thunderbolt RAID

-Up to 5GB/s read and 2 GB/s write speeds

-Military-grade end-to-end XTS-AES-256 encryption and a Secure Enclave for encryption keys protect your valuable digital assets from unauthorized access

-Hardware-accelerated RAID-6 protects against data loss up to SSD failures

-Up to four editors, VFX artists, and assistants collaborate seamlessly without recabling via 8x Thunderbolt ports

-Fits easily on the most crowded DIT cart to handle all of your on-set data workflow jobs

Adobe Products we support:

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