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Re-inventing file transfer


Company Overview

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FileCatalyst has specialized in accelerated fast file transfers since 2001, and has developed a close partnership with Adobe providing accelerated file transfer technology within Adobe Premiere Pro. Using a patented, built in-house transfer protocol leveraging elements of UDP, FileCatalyst can transfer Premiere Pro media content of any size or format across any distance exponentially faster, and more reliably, than HTTP or FTP.

FileCatalyst is the only fast file transfer solution available as a panel that’s directly integrated into Premiere Pro. With the integrated panel, users can leverage the benefits of FileCatalyst multi-gigabit transfer capabilities without having to leave Premiere Pro.

Adobe Integrations Overview

FileCatalyst Premiere Pro Delivery Panel is integrated within Adobe Premiere Pro CC as a panel. The Panel provides editors the ability to render their timeline/sequence using any Adobe Media Encoder preset and deliver the output file to any FileCatalyst Server destination or email address.

Key Differentiators

FileCatalyst’s partnership with Adobe has resulted in a tightly integrated solution that:

Adobe Products we support:

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