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Embrace produces software that automates systems and connects people.


Company Overview

Since 2015, Embrace transforms content production at scale by connecting people, systems, and processes. The company develops advanced automation, orchestration and collaboration solutions for the media entertainment industry and global brands. Embrace’s aim is to unleash creativity and improve performance around video and graphics supply chains with advanced business process management software.

We design user-centric systems that simplify complex media workflows, stop repeating work, streamline enterprise-wide processes and accelerate digital transformation such as the journey into working with emerging technologies, for instance AI.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Automate-IT streamlines the production flows, simplify execution, assemble, and deliver promos methodically for increased efficiency and throughput. Third-party programming, traffic, MAM systems and Adobe® After Effects templates are connected to gather content, select the right template, apply all variables, and generate clips automatically.

Pulse-IT is a media-oriented business process management and orchestration platform. It empowers customers to translate, optimize, execute, and monitor any business, broadcast, or digital media processes simply and quickly. It integrates with Adobe Premiere Pro® environments and

Key Differentiators

Created for everyone
Embrace enables close collaboration between traditionally siloed departments, albeit promotion or creative, editorial, and broadcast/distribution departments.

Developed for all processes
Embrace streamlines the production flows, simplify execution, assemble, and deliver promos methodically for increased efficiency and throughput.

Design, orchestrate, and optimize your business processes
Accelerate a wide variety of content creation and delivery processes by adding the missing glue between ingest, transcoding, AI-based transcription, metadata mining, asset management, asset utilization, automated content processing or postproduction, packaging, versioning egress and distribution.

• Seamlessly integration with your Adobe graphics, solutions and systems into the broadcast domain
• Powerful web forms for user input and graphics template modification without editing After Effects projects or compositions
• Break down barriers for promo versioning production and distribution.
• All non-added-value and repetitive tasks handle

• Unify people, systems, and services
• Enable teams to collaborate on any business operations with end-to-end process management
• Simply design, automate, schedule and supervise media supply chains using your existing tools and infrastructure either on-prem, hybrid or fully in the cloud.
• Low-code functions empowers technical staff to customize integrations
• Easily orchestrate and leverage any third-party SaaS services such as AI.

Adobe Products we support:

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