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Embrace produces software that automates systems and connects people.


Company Overview

Embrace produces software suitable for the content creation industry that automates systems and connects people. Our mission is to solve operational workflow pains by implementing user-centric solutions that invite our customers to welcome digital transformation positively, for their own performance.

We design user-centric systems that simplify complex media workflows, stop repeating work, streamline enterprise-wide processes and accelerate digital transformation such as the journey into working with emerging technologies, for instance AI.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Embrace automates the workflow for digital motion graphics, visual effects, compositing, subtitling, as well as editing for video and audio and can deliver to any format or system automatically.

• Automate-IT packages and delivers your promos automatically
• Share-IT streamlines collaboration to boost operational efficiency
• Pulse-IT provides easy solutions to any media workflow pain
• Embedded tools expand your Adobe features automagically

Key Differentiators

At Embrace, we strongly believe in customer sovereignty and have translated that vision in everything we do:

• Our user-centric products are built with a low-code approach
• Open APIs allow to perform complex integrations in a simple manner
• Our certified engineer course reinforces customer autonomy
• Our online technical knowledge base includes best practices and inspiring articles

Our low-code philosophy combined with our user-centric design allows for very quick business needs translation into media-oriented workflows with immediate and positive adoption by users.

Adobe Products we support:

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