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3D To Raise Your Game


Company Overview

Zaxwerks makes 3D in Adobe After Effects CC fast, easy and affordable. Create billable 3D graphics without months of training. Handle client changes without losing billable hours.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Works directly inside the After Effects timeline. No need to use external programs. If you know how to animate in After Effects, you already know how to animate in 3D Invigorator.

3D Invigorator PRO: self-contained modeling, animation and rendering using AE timeline to set keyframes. Especially good for creating title and logo animations to solve your bread and butter 3D needs.

3D ProAnimator: self-contained modeling, animation and rendering with a procedural animation system that helps you create beautiful animated motion without hassling with keyframes or motion graphs. Made for mass production of 3D titles and logos.

3D Flag: instant creation of cloth flags and banner from your pictures. Does physical simulation of wind and gravity for ultra-realistic motion. Very easy to use.

Key Differentiators

Adobe Products we support:

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