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Connect Data, Cut Effort


Company Overview

YEPCO is an innovative software development company with grand user centric designs on improving the way media production happens. Our metadata management suite for Adobe helps you get more outputs out of your production, collection, archive, and supply workflow.

With automated sport highlights creation, combining data from multiple sources into a single, unified view with focus on automation, systems end-to-end integration, workflow orchestration. YEPCO’s core focus is on relieving users from technical operations and workflows, providing tools to ease storytelling, enabling fast content delivery to all your distribution channels.

Adobe Integrations Overview

YEPCO toolset provides the ability to use data to prepare attractive content – beyond the pure figures – for very different channels as quickly as possible. YEPCO Adobe Panels enables a faster and more efficient highlight editing by enabling MOGRTS graphics, audio effects, marker creation, manual logging, sport data feed import support.

Key Differentiators

Adobe Products we support:

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