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The Definitive Story-Centric Planning Solution


Company Overview

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Wolftech provides story centric workflow management solutions to the largest broadcasters in the world, enhancing collaboration and efficiency in newsgathering & story creation. Our collaborative planning modules focus on streamlining news, sports & entertainment productions. We ensure greater transparency & overview of stories across departments, teams & locations, whilst integrating seamlessly into existing workflows. Leveraging its incorporated booking module, empowers clarity over resource availability & costs. Ultimately, Wolftech provides administrative control & creative freedom.

Adobe Integrations Overview

The landscape of modern journalism is rapidly changing, driven by evolving user needs and the growing importance of multimedia content. The roles of writing editors and video editors are increasingly converging, leading to a greater demand for efficient video production workflows. However, current video editing software and workflows can be complex and challenging for users, while the need for high-quality video content across various channels extends beyond traditional television platforms. Both Wolftech and Adobe recognise the transformation taking place within the newsroom, as the focus shifts from a traditional rundown process for nightly TV news shows to a more dynamic, multi-channel publishing model. This shift presents unique challenges, as existing systems and workflows struggle to adapt to the ever-changing demands of modern journalism. Adobe has observed that agile social media teams are producing more engaging content at a faster pace, achieving greater viewership than traditional news shows. This trend highlights the need for innovative workflows that are not constrained by the limitations of traditional newsroom systems. By integrating Adobe’s Creative Cloud® Apps and services with Wolftech’s story-centric planning platform, this partnership aims to address these challenges, providing cutting-edge solutions for the multimedia newsrooms of the future. With more details yet to be announced the companies are off to an exciting start., the industry’s media collaboration solution will be tightly integrated into Wolftech providing best in class cloud collaboration workflows directly into the story planner. This framework will connect story planning data and the wider newsroom with creative cloud applications for seamless collaboration and accelerated workflows.


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