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Company Overview

WASP3D offers a broad range of real-time 3D broadcast graphics solutions for Television Broadcasters & Live Streamers, eager to enhance their creativity and simplify their production workflow.

WASP3D’s offerings include Real-Time Data Integration for AR Graphics, Virtual Sets, eSports, Elections & News Telecast – Live Broadcast TV Graphics & Live Streaming Solutions.

WASP3D’s end-to-end broadcast TV Graphics workflow enables quick on-air delivery of content. It is designed to streamline production & enhance visual quality to publish across all media platforms. With 400+ installations in more than 40 countries, our dedicated team provides round-the-clock support to customers for Election Broadcast Services, Sports Presentations, eSports Live Production, News Telecasts & Business Graphics. Our tools offer journalists the ability to design TV broadcast 3D graphics right from the newsroom and manage multiple media files with real-time playout.

WASP3D provides the necessary tools; every Live content producer is required to create visually engaging content. Our advanced software includes virtual set solutions, data-integrated AR Graphics, API Integrated eSports game graphics, and 3D Character generators (Channel Logo, Lower thirds, L bands, Tickers, and Live Bugs) for an engaging storytelling experience. WASP3D supports NDI (Network Device Interface) Integration, IP Based Cameras, Multi-Camera Switching, Multi-Video Window Simulations/ SIMSAT (Zoom Calls) & Filtered Social Media Feed Integration.


Adobe Integrations Overview

For Adobe Illustrator

WASP3D is a software which is uniquely equipped with the capability to import graphics from Adobe Illustrator with just a few clicks.

WASP3D lets the user pick each and every layer of the graphic rather than picking it as a single layer which makes it easier to modify the graphic as per the user’s requirements.

Through WASP3D, one can easily control and edit individual layers in the software itself. You can modify its colors, add or subtract elements, embed texts, and whatnot.

WASP3D also empowers the user to convert the graphics from Adobe Illustrator into 3D graphics for a better visual experience.

This saves a user from working on 2 different platforms for a similar file.

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For Adobe Premiere Pro

To make it easier for our customers who use Adobe Premiere Pro as their primary tool, WASP3D has designed its own Plugin. We offer them a plugin through which they can run their outputs from Premiere Pro, directly to WASP3D.

Users can design their own templates first in WASP3D as per their requirements. Then, through this plugin, customers can render their visually appealing 2D/3D graphics and templates from WASP3D directly into Premiere Pro.

This helps them in designing their own templates in WASP3D as per their needs and requirements with ease. They can then directly add this layer of template in Adobe Premiere Pro along with other video layers.

Key Differentiators

WASP3D, is an ultimate real-time graphic software that is specifically designed for broadcast quality. With its extensive array of features, ranging from character-wise animated rich text to particles, this software is a must-have for the ones who want to create an impact with visually appealing graphics or setups. Wasp3D offers an extensive set of 3D and 2D primitives that empower users to create visually stunning layouts in 3D.

WASP3D is a notable change when it comes to importing a wide variety of images, including DDS, and TGA files. Wasp3D is also a pioneer in data graphic design, including 3D Virtual Sets, Live events, product launches, and corporate presentations. Whether you are starting with a simple text file, SQL database, or real-time feed from RSS or JSON, our software can help you automate data in your templates and create trigger-based graphics with on-air data updates and responsive templates. This makes it easy to create stunning graphic layouts for any platform, whether it is TV, social media, or mobile.

The built-in database system in Wasp3D, UDT, is a visual database that allows users to perform data entry from multiple stations, and all updates in the data are automatically updated across the network. Over and above, it unleashes your overall creativity with savings in time, cost and energy.

Adobe Products we support:

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