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v3 is dimensional. Everything else is just flat.®

Vision III Imaging Inc

Company Overview

Vision III Imaging, Inc. (v3) is a Reston, Virginia company that has developed unique v3 parallax visualization (PV) technologies that enable users to create dimensionally enhanced video imagery viewable on all current displays, without the need for content production workflow changes, special glasses or modified devices (unaided). v3 also makes a series of tools for stereoscopic video editing. These include the QS3DX stereoscopic plug-in for Premiere Pro and After Effects. The QS3DX is a GPU accelerated tool with sub-pixel alignment resolution that can output in standard 3D formats. v3 also makes an MVC file splitter that will separate stereoscopic camera MVC recordings into left and right views.

v3 Real Shot Technologies

Adobe Integrations Overview

The the GPU accelerated QS3DX plug-in provides full frame – full speed side-by-side 4K + playback and up to 17x increased render speeds. QS3DX allows for a Premiere Pro and After Effects stereoscopic timeline that enables sub-pixel perfect left/right frame-to-frame image alignment and rapid convergence setting with its “click to align” feature. QS3DX is capable of outputting in edited stereoscopic content in the standard 3D formats.

Stereoscopic Underwater Footage edited with v3 QuickS2DX plug-in

MVC Splitter, Quick S3DX plug-in, and PV Toolset

v3 stereoscopic surgical PV Toolset alignment demo

Key Differentiators

v3 understands three-dimensional perception and has create a series of tools that allow creative people to format and manipulate image dimensionality.

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