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Tiger Technology

Company Overview

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Tiger Technology is a file data services company that helps organizations with mission-critical deployments such as Media & Entertainment businesses optimize their on-premises storage and enhance their workflows through cloud services.

Tiger Technology brings over 15 years of expertise in storage solutions for high-performance workflows – from cross-platform NAS/SAN shared file systems to storage, user, project, and media management. The company’s current focus is enabling “on-premises-first” hybrid cloud workflows.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Tiger Technology’s software solutions for storage and data management offer complete support for creative applications such as Adobe Premiere, Adobe After Effects and Adobe Photoshop.

Tiger Technology enables creative teams to store, share, manage and protect files on premises or in hybrid cloud, in a cross-platform environment, as well as collaborating remotely and completing high-profile projects utilizing shared virtual workspaces.

Key Differentiators

Adobe Products we support:

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