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Thuuz Sports

Company Overview

Since 2010, Thuuz’ content curation expertise has powered products and services for the top sports content owners and distributors.

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Adobe Integrations Overview

Integrates automated clip and highlight data into existing adobe workflows for sports.

Automated clip and highlight data can be programatically and manually exported to adobe panel for clip and highlight creation with advanced graphics.

Key Differentiators

Whether single game, multi-game, or multi-sport, you can automatically create an unlimited number of highlight reels in real time. With SmartReels™, you can produce standard highlight reels or highlights with a bias to a specific team, player, or play type. You can also create highlights of any length or any perspective to maximize fan engagement. How about 1,000,000 different highlight reels for 1,000,000 different fantasy matchups all customized to specific league settings and produced in real-time? We can do that.

Adobe Products we support:

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