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Suite Studios

Company Overview

Suite equips multimedia professionals with extremely performant and flexible cloud-based storage that enables teams to store, share, and edit media in real-time. Think of Suite as the cloud-based NAS that connects creators to their content, no matter their location. Suite’s file streaming can support the most demanding RAW media workflows and allows creatives to work with cloud storage as if it is a local drive.

Suite is a centralized hub for every asset, accessible to your entire team without the need to sync or download, and integrates seamlessly into your current file browser.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Suite is cloud storage that feels like a local drive, allowing users to stream their cloud files directly into their favorite adobe tools.

Key Differentiators

Groundbreaking Performance: Suite offers lightning-fast file access. 24 Gbps read / 10 Gbps write speeds – per user.
On-Site Caching: Seamlessly connect powerful on-prem hardware and servers with Suite to further reduce network strain.
Time Machine: File mistakes are a thing of the past with Time Machine. Users can go back in time—down to the millisecond—to retrieve any version of any file.
User Permissions: Easily manage file permissions for team members directly through Suite and maintain complete oversight over files, versions, and timelines.

Adobe Products we support:

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