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Studio Network Solutions (SNS)

Company Overview

Studio Network Solutions (SNS) is redefining the way teams use shared storage. Since 1998, SNS products have enabled over 100,000 editors, artists, colorists, and VFX artists in over 70 countries create amazing content, faster. Built-in MAM, file automation tools, and advanced features for Adobe Premiere Pro are just a few of the things included with every EVO server.

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Adobe Integrations Overview

EVO provides secure high-speed storage for teams to edit and share media and projects from Adobe Premiere Pro CC, Adobe After Effects CC, or other Adobe Creative Cloud applications. EVO ShareBrowser also lets artists and editors apply custom tags and comments to media, and export them directly to Premiere Pro.

Every EVO system fully supports Team Projects and includes advanced project locking for Premiere Pro, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign, which allows multiple users to securely access project files over the network, and indicates read/write status from Finder and Explorer. EVO ShareBrowser also lets artists and editors apply custom tags and comments to media. When media is logged in ShareBrowser, the clips and metadata can be seamlessly exported into Premiere Pro.

Key Differentiators

For Adobe Premiere Pro CC users, EVO combines state of the art shared storage hardware with an unbeatable workflow toolset. Unlike generic NAS and SAN storage systems, EVO goes beyond storing and sharing media. Every EVO includes intuitive media management, automation, and enhanced features— affordable for teams of all sizes.

Adobe Products we support:

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