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Your A.I. Creative Workflow Companion


Company Overview

AI-driven cloud platform for creatives, with a straightforward interface and toolset to handle tasks such as syncing, tagging, transcribing, translating, copying and transcoding.


Adobe Integrations Overview

Strada connects directly to the utilizing their open API. Allowing Strada to add transcription, translation, tag, sync, and transcode capabilities to media stored in

Key Differentiators

Strada is a cloud-native workflow tool. It is built to handle media assets at extreme scale -- all in the cloud. The cloud offers the promise of high availability and collaboration. Strada did not build another cloud storage platform but instead connects to the clouds users already own, instantly adding value and capabilities to their storage.

Connect with a fingerprint and instantly access the power of A.I. search with transcriptions, translations, and tagging -- without needing to even push a button.

Adobe Products we support:

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