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Building The Decentralized Future


Company Overview

Storj is an open-source and transparent platform that delivers highly distributed, ridiculously resilient cloud storage by leveraging a global decentralized network of storage nodes. Our vision is to be the world’s largest and most secure, resilient, performant, and economical enterprise cloud storage service – without owning or operating a data center.

Storj partners with leading apps, services, and software tools, providing decentralized cloud storage that’s secure, private, durable, and drop-in compatible.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Our framework provides an optimal implementation of decentralized cloud storage that scales and operates within the limits of any design constraints. Our V3 network is S3 compatible, has a pathway from object storage to CDN, uses Reed Solomon erasure coding instead of replication, and reduces storage costs


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Key Differentiators

– Globally distributed edge model with consistent and reliable performance: Innovative alternative to multi-region, yielding all the performance without the cost or complexity (20K+ nodes in 100+ countries).

– Open source and transparent: Storj is easy to use, 25-100% faster, more secure, and at a fraction of the price of traditional cloud storage.

– Fundamental architectural advantage: Zero Trust architecture provides greater security and privacy through zero-knowledge decentralized architecture.

– More sustainable: smarter redundancy (erasure encoding rather than full copies reduces duplication), existing hardware (manufacturing is the most carbon-intensive part of storage), and minimal electricity (little to no additional electricity, cooling to run drives at 80% capacity vs. 20%).

– Reduced complexity: “Hot” region-free storage at “cold” storage pricing fulfills the cloud simplicity promise.

– High Throughput: Horizontal scaling & high parallelism for high-speed data transfers or CDN-like delivery.


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