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Sportzcast – Real-time scoreboard data


Company Overview

Sportzcast is live scoreboard data decoding & distribution, sourced directly from the scoreboard itself. Our automated workflow tools allow your organization to apply scoreboard data in real-time to various applications. Examples of these applications include: broadcast graphic overlays (including integrations into leading major production platforms), game film annotation & metadata syncing, production workflows, website scoreboards & many more.
Compatible with over 100 different makes & models of scoreboards, covering virtually every scoreboard you could come across. We even have a solution for venues that do not have traditional physical electronic scoreboards.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Sportzcast enables direct sports game metadata injection into Premiere Pro timeline tools from venue scoreboards. Complete game data tracks can be synched with video to provide markers of game and scoring events instantly.

Key Differentiators

All data is sourced directly from the venue scoreboard system in real-time.

Adobe Products we support:

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