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Fast, simple, and secure remote access solutions


Company Overview

Splashtop delivers high-value, best-in-class remote access and remote support solutions for individuals, businesses, educational institutions, MSPs, IT departments, and helpdesks. Affordable, easy-to-use cloud-based and on-premises remote access solutions feature enterprise-grade security and reliability. People can access their apps and data from any device, anywhere. Splashtop is a popular high-performance alternative to VPN/RDP, VDI, and other remote access software. 30+ million users, 200,000+ businesses and government agencies enjoy Splashtop products globally.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Professionals using Adobe applications on powerful workstations can remotely access the apps and carry out tasks like video editing, graphic designing, lip syncing, game development, creating animations and more from home, as if they were sitting in front of the remote computers. They can leverage the power of high-end workstations and the desktop applications from any personal computer, laptop or mobile device. Splashtop’s high performance remote sessions enable productive remote work for media and entertainment professionals.

Splashtop Business Access – High performance remote access to Adobe desktop applications for individuals and teams

Splashtop Enterprise – An on-premise solution enabling high performance remote access to Adobe desktop applications

Key Differentiators

Splashtop provides best-value remote access solutions – high performance, robust security, easy set-up and use, and the features you need with up to 50% savings compared to other remote access solutions. It is the preferred work from home solution for professionals who need high performance remote sessions to access workstations.

Adobe Products we support:

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