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Plug-ins and Applications for Filmmakers and Motion Graphics Artists

Red Giant

Company Overview

At Red Giant, we make tools, films and training to enrich the community of filmmakers and motion designers. For our own award-winning short films, we create new software to fill our needs. Then we make those products available for everyone else, helping artists create the perfect look that matches their story. Red Giant develops plug-ins and applications that make the filmmaking process faster, more secure, more accurate and just more fun. For almost 15 years, we’ve built software for editing, motion design, color correction, and VFX used in everything from major motion pictures to worldwide television programming to web production.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Our Plug-ins run directly in Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC. Our apps are available as panels in Premiere Pro.

Key Differentiators

Red Giant is a company made up of filmmakers, motion designers, VFX artists and creative technologists. We make our plug-ins and applications because we need them for our own work. From particle effects and color correction to A/V sync and video transitions, our tools are designed to be fast and intuitive so that artists can get their work done quickly and beautifully.

Adobe Products we support:

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