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Performance and Scalability for modern media workflows

Quantum Corporation

Company Overview

Quantum is a leading expert in scale-out tiered storage, archive and data protection. The company’s StorNext® platform powers modern high-performance workflows, enabling seamless, real-time collaboration and keeping content readily accessible for future use and re-monetization. More than 100,000 customers have trusted Quantum to address their most demanding content workflow needs, including top studios, major broadcasters and cutting-edge content creators. With Quantum, customers have the end-to-end storage platform they need to manage assets from ingest through finishing and into delivery and long-term preservation. See how at

Key Differentiators

Xcellis delivers outstanding performance
Whether it’s over a NAS, SAN, or NVMeoF storage architecture, or all simultaneously, StorNext based Xcellis outperforms competitive offerings and provides the horsepower needed for 4K and beyond projects.

Whether your data is in the next room or next continent, it’s still local.
As an out of the box feature, StorNext presents data across all logical storage tiers in one addressable global namespace. And with a theoretical limit of over 5.5 billion files, the scalability of this data is nearly infinite.

Protect your valuable content at lightning speed.
FlexSync is the Xcellis replication engine, which allows you to nearly instantaneously create local or remote replicas of file system data and metadata.

Tight integration with best-in-class, on-premise archives.
Powered by StorNext advanced data management software, StorNext AEL tape archives provide a tier of massively scalable storage that also provide the performance needed to stream massive unstructured data sets.

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