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Revolutionize Your Post-Production Workflows


Company Overview

Projective delivers innovative products that accelerate post-production for media companies worldwide. With an intimate understanding of creative workflows, paired with cutting-edge technology, Projective’s solutions empower customers to automate their media supply chain. Projective’s collaboration platform, Strawberry, allows content creators of any size to easily scale their post-production capabilities and meet the explosive demand for video content.


Adobe Integrations Overview

Looking to manage your post-production media and projects while staying in control of your editorial process? Strawberry’s integration with the Adobe Creative Suite streamlines your workflows and eliminates needless duplication. The Adobe panel can be launched from within Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects, for easy search and preview.

Key Differentiators

– End-to-End Collaboration: Strawberry projects work across all Adobe applications, enabling users to be a part of the entire production process.
– Full Strawberry Power Inside your Adobe Application: users see the familiar Strawberry UI within the integrated Adobe Panel.
– Simplified Workflows So Users Can Focus on Creating:
– Wave good-bye to “Media Offline”! Strawberry automation ensures files are correctly stored and available to users.
– Less Time Searching and More Time Creating: Thanks to Strawberry’s proxy support, hunting for media is a thing of the past.
– Drive Collaborative Review & Approve Workflows Directly from Adobe: Manage project Permissions and Archive from within the Adobe Creative Suite.


Adobe Products we support:

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