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proDAD GmbH

Company Overview

proDAD specializes in digital video effects and image optimization technologies. Best known for the famous Mercalli video stabilizer, proDAD has a long history in video plugin effects, including transition and filter effects, video titling, animated travel routes, and much more.

Watch: Mercalli V4 Adobe CC Plug-In for Premiere & After Effects 2017

Watch: Bicycle with CMOS correction PLUS stabilization

Adobe Integrations Overview

proDAD’s Adorage, Heroglyph, itaScene, and Mercalli products have plugin support for Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Adobe After Effects CC, and can be applied to clips directly on the timeline.

Key Differentiators

proDAD differentiates itself by developing leading edge video enhancement technologies, including optical flow, dynamic frame blending, and AI, making these advanced technologies available at affordable prices.

Adobe Products we support:

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