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Film Production Processes Redefined by Software


Company Overview

Our innovative software revolutionizes film production workflows worldwide. Dedicated to quality and stability, Pomfort develops and markets intelligent and high-quality software applications designed to simplify major daily tasks both on-set and post-production.

With skill and perseverance, we’ve established Pomfort as a major film production technology player for over a decade. Customers in more than 120 countries work with our internationally renowned products Silverstack Lab and Livegrade Studio. Our customers’ projects range from Hollywood Blockbusters and Netflix sensations to Indie productions, high-end commercials, broadcasts, and music videos. So whatever flickered across your screen last night, chances are high we’ve been involved behind the scenes!

Adobe Integrations Overview

Involving a distributed team in the process of filmmaking is more important than ever. Hence, Pomfort integrates with on multiple levels:

Thus, you can rely on your established workflows with Pomfort applications and still make your valuable work easily available to productions using C2C.

To learn more on how Pomfort products and services support workflows with on our dedicated workflow page.

Pomfort’s Media Asset Management software Silverstack can create a .xml file compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro to transfer clips and clip metadata to the editing tool.

For further information and a step-by-step guide
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Key Differentiators

Every movie project is unique. As software developers, we constantly listen to our customers to find the sweet spot between feature richness and ease of use. Our products are developed based on the stories and experiences of cinematographers, workflow specialists, and image technicians from hundreds of film productions. Flexibility, stability and interoperability – inside and outside the Pomfort ecosystem – are key to serving our customers best in mastering their ever-evolving challenges.

Adobe Products we support:

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