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Turn your long videos into viral shorts in 1 click


Company Overview

#1 AI video clipping & editing tool – turn 1 long video into 25 viral shorts in one click.


Adobe Integrations Overview

You can use OpusClip to automatically turn long-form content into viral clips with just one click, and seamlessly export them to Adobe Premiere Pro for further advanced editing.

Key Differentiators

Upon uploading your long-form content, our AI comprehensively analyze it, extract all the compelling moments, reframe the active speakers, and seamlessly stitch them into 10 to 20 cohesive clips, all ranked by our proprietary virality model.

We also automatically add captions, emojis, and B-Rolls.

In the end, you can easily publish selected short videos on platforms like TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, and more with just one more click.


Adobe Products we support:

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