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Company Overview

Our consolidated approach delivers to our clients:
94% more productivity, 75% lower costs & 98% higher user satisfaction.

nxtedition has been specifically designed to put the story right at the centre of everything our users do. We provide the tools required to move through the planning and writing of a story, content acquisition, media management, live on-air broadcast automation, channel playout and publishing to VOD, web and social media.


Adobe Integrations Overview

If the recorded material needs to be edited in post, then nxtedition has a plug-in (currently for Premiere Pro, with others coming soon). This allows an editor to send both files and rough cuts to PPro for editing.

The plug-in can deliver high-resolution footage without the need for proxies. nxtedition uses a seekable file technology to deliver the original file in a similar seekable way that Netflix does with movies. This means you can stream footage hours long into your edit in seconds and edit from anywhere within those hours without downloading the entire file.

Once finished editing, the video can be sent back to nxtedition through the plug-in as a “fire & forget” process where the render and upload will be done automatically without requiring external drives or an editor’s time in setting up renders.

Key Differentiators

We can stream the High Resolution media over public internet to provide a proxyless remote editing solution

Adobe Products we support:

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