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Company Overview

NUGEN Audio provides the music and post-production industry’s most advanced solutions for surround upmixing and end-to-end loudness management, metering and correction from content acquisition through to playout. Reflecting from the real-world production experience of the NUGEN Audio design team, the company’s products make it easier to deliver high-quality, compliant audio. Our products save time, reduce costs and preserve the creative process. NUGEN Audio’s tools for audio analysis, loudness metering, mixing/mastering and tracking are used daily by the world’s top names in broadcast, post-production and music production.

Success Stories:

Adobe Integrations Overview

Our products are available as VST3 plug-ins, integrating with the Adobe VST plugin hosting format. LM-Correct is additionally available as an Adobe CEP panel, fully integrated with Adobe Premiere Pro CC as a faster than real-time tool.

LM-Correct gives you a unique, immediate and hassle-free route to loudness-compliant audio in your day-to-day loudness workflow, saving you time and preventing costly mistakes. Either within your NLE/DAW or as a standalone application, LM-Correct delivers automated compliance with True Peak correction, solving your compliance issues on the spot. Used in conjunction with a real-time meter, LM-Correct saves iterative adjustments to the mix as you approach target levels, allowing transparent in-edit ‘quick-touch’ finishing of your audio. It’s an essential part of your loudness toolkit. LM-Correct’s interface is designed to facilitate intuitive operation. Whether the plug-in or the standalone application is in use, the process for using LM-Correct is conceptually the same.

Key Differentiators

NUGEN Audio provides high quality audio algorithms with a focus on intelligent, intuitive control, enabling significant workflow enhancements and providing access to processing often not available via more traditional approaches.

Adobe Products we support:

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