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Morro Data

Morro Data

Company Overview

Morro Data CloudNAS with its Global File System allows businesses unlimited file storage, collaboration with multiple office file sync & lock, and file versioning for a speedy recovery from ransomware attacks and human errors.

CloudNAS supports deployment in the cloud as well as on-prem. Remote Team Collaboration enables remote teams to work on the same project as if on the same local network. Users can perform Sync-with-Central and Reload Latest operations across remote sites and CloudNAS handles the necessary file syncing and locking in the background.

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Adobe Integrations Overview

Morro Data CloudNAS uses cloud caching to address the challenges of syncing large size of data among distributed workplaces. Adobe CC users at multiple workplaces can create, edit, and produce with minimal attention to the transfer and sharing of files.

Key Differentiators

– Cloud-based centralized management made team collaboration simple
– Global filesystem with data integrity and security
– Remote Collaboration Business Continuity
– Easy Expansion Rich Applications
– Sync and lock files remotely among multiple users

Adobe Products we support:

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