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Putting the flow in the workflow!

MoovIT GmbH

Company Overview

As one of Adobe’s SI partners, MoovIT specialises in the development and support of workflows for all aspects of post-production, news and archiving at the interface between video and IT. The company, headquartered in the Schanzenviertel district of Cologne, leverages particular expertise in the field of technical solutions for sports reporting. In addition, the company develops web-to-video solutions, localisations, remote editing systems and video hosting products used by organisations across a highly diverse range of industries. MoovIT’s customers include broadcasters, production companies, sport event organisers, agencies, and enterprises from a wide range of backgrounds.

In order to focus more on all matters regarding standard software development, particularly the Helmut product portfolio, MoovIT has set up a subsidiary, the MoovIT Software Products GmbH.


Adobe Integrations Overview

Helmut4 is a project management solution for Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects, and Audition. It drastically eases the collaboration within professional video production environments with multiple editing suites by managing your projects, templates, preferences, and profiles. With Helmut4, you can control your project-related assets from ingest to export, maintain order across your storage media, and easily integrate MAM/PAM systems.

Key Differentiators

Helmut4 is the perfect project management solution for all users of Adobe Premiere Pro, After Effects and/or Audition. In contrast to similar solutions, Helmut4 is an open ecosystem that can be integrated into any archiving, PAM, MAM or distribution infrastructure with a suitable API. This is made possible by Helmut’s unique Streams Engine.

The Helmut product portfolio consists of four components:

1. HelmutFX, project management software,
2. HelmutIO, render farm,
3. HelmutCO, smart database (‘Cosmo’) and the
4. HelmutHK, asset manager (‘Housekeeper’).

Users have the option to deploy all four components in an integrated solution. The licensing model is designed to allow users to activate individual products on a step-by-step basis as required.
Another benefit of Helmut4 is the fact that it enables you to work remotely on your editing project. Helmut4 reflects the principle that ‘editing@home’ should be just the same as ‘editing@work’ – for individual tasks and collaborative projects alike.

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