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Company Overview

Monogram Creative Console is a modular tool designed to give creative professionals an improved post-production experience. We’re a passionate team of makers with a mission to improve productivity by designing flexible and powerful hardware tools that adapt to your personal workflow. With endless customization abilities and native Adobe integrations, Monogram Creative Console is the most flexible, versatile, and adaptable controller for editing and grading in After Effects and Premiere Pro.

Since the launch of our first hardware product Palette Gear on Kickstarter in 2013, we’ve gathered a ton of feedback and feature requests. We took this feedback to heart and prioritized putting our customers first. With Monogram Creative Console, each and every single new feature was built based on this feedback from our community, industry experts, and creative pros. In doing so, we’ve created the most powerful and customizable creative tool that will truly revolutionize the way you work.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Get direct, precise, and hands-on control of key Adobe Premiere Pro functions, including editing, motion effects, color grading, audio, and more. Plus get native integrations with Adobe After Effects and Adobe Audition.

Monogram also offers direct, precise, and hands-on control of key Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom Classic features, including Library and Develop modes, layer adjustments, advanced brush controls, tool selections, and much more. Get started in minutes with preloaded profiles or customize by assigning custom hotkeys, macros, Photoshop actions, MIDI, joystick, and mouse actions for a truly personalized experience.

Key Differentiators

Everyone’s workflow is unique. Your tools should adapt to fit how you work. Monogram Creative Console is a professional grade modular and freeform control surface designed to enable hands-on and dynamic interaction with Adobe video and audio software. It is designed to give creative pros an improved, more efficient post-production experience allowing users to engage with their creative work in new ways.

The patented modular design is completely customizable and easily expandable as your skills evolve. Experiment, focus on the result, adjust multiple values simultaneously, all without opening menus. Get started in minutes with the user friendly app and preloaded profiles. Arrange modules in any shape or size, plug in, select your app, and start creating. Our innovative and portable Orbiter module gives you precise and intuitive color wheel control with native integration with Premiere Pro Lumetri™ Color panel. Each module is context sensitive and multifunctional allowing you to control all of your key functions without bulky hardware. Control color wheels, transport tools, clip animation, and audio all in one versatile and powerful tool.

Adobe Products we support:

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