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Company Overview

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Mjoll is a software company founded in Bergen, Norway, in 2019, offering video collaboration and production asset management tools for journalists and editors. The company is part of the Fonn Group, with offices in Norway and New York.

Mjoll is the inventor of Mimir, a cloud-native video collaboration tool where users can access and find content independently of its location. Artificial intelligence (AI) -assisted automatic metadata logging combined with a powerful search tool reduces the time needed to find the required content for editing projects and from video archives.

Customers include, amongst others, Axel Springer, GB News, IMG,  TV2 FYN, TV SYD, NEP, Sky News Australia, Screen Story,  ausbiz, and TVNZ.

Mimir ties in AI technology from Google, AWS, IBM Watson, Speechmatics, Microsoft, Scriptix, Valossa, and others, making AI a tool for end-users.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Users can manage all their media assets in Mimir, including live schedules from Mimir, with tight integration with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Users can access Mimir directly from Adobe Premiere Pro, hosted within the editing application. The video editor gets access to all the features of Mimir, can import clips into a project, create sub-clips from text selection, and more. With Mimir, editors can work with proxy or highres material.

Key Differentiators

Mimir is built from the ground up on modern, web-based technology.

Mimir is a comprehensive tool for tying in AI services from providers like Google Cloud, AWS, IBM Watson, Speechmatics, Microsoft and others and making this available to the end-users.

Mimir is used for live production, asset management and archiving and offers multiple products in one. It can replace legacy systems for sharing and collaboration, transcoding, MAM, Ingest, PAM and archiving. With Mimir, users get a complete workflow tool for accessing their content, logging and searching, and media management. It can be accessed from anywhere and is cost-effective.

Mimir is available as an edit assistant (panel) in Adobe Premiere Pro, with a complete proxy workflow.

Mimir is vendor-independent and can be a front-end to your existing PAM/MAM or SAN/NAS storage.

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