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Company Overview

The media asset management system medialoopster enables more effective management of moving images/videos in the production process. medialoopster optimises the media workflow and automates processes in the production process such as import, transcoding, file transfer and archiving. Through the use of AI technologies, medialoopster offers powerful options for automating production processes. medialoopster was developed by nachtblau and is being used successfully by well-known customers. As a full-service partner, nachtblau accompanies all work processes from planning, development and implementation to production storage, video editing and MAM systems.

Adobe Integrations Overview

The medialoopster Panel for Adobe Premiere Pro is a fully integrated HTML5-Panel, which makes video editing simple, fast and convenient. The panel gives users immediate access to all medialoopster features inside Premiere Pro.

Key Differentiators

Through the integration of ProxyEditing with Adobe Premiere, video projects can now also be created and edited in the home office or from anywhere in the world. The rendering of the finished editing projects takes place automatically using the Hires files without having to download them. Edit your video content wherever you want and let medialoopster manage the files.

nachtblau develops AI applications especially for the video and audio sector. With medialoopster, all these AI-based services can be used to automate and speed up recurring tasks and processes in video production. AI-based services include automatic tagging, speech-to-text, OCR (text recognition), subtitles, face-object recognition, ASR and translation.MEDIABOX

The mediabox is an all-in-one solution consisting of storage and server with a pre-installed version of medialoopster. The simple, uncomplicated and fast solution is ideal for manageable production environments with high demands on speed and performance. mediabox provides enormous flexibility and efficiency in the production workflow and offers very attractive conditions. The solution, consisting of high-quality MAM and SAN components, can be easily connected to the computer and used immediately. No complex installation is necessary and it can be used flexibly at all locations.

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