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Bringing the future to the industry of media post-production

Marquise Technologies

Company Overview

Marquise Technologies designs state-of-the-art solutions for cinema post-production, broadcasters and OTT providers. The company addresses studios and post-production facilities and provides them with the high-end solutions for content mastering and QC. All the products are designed for working with high-end content in 4K UHD HDR. Deliveries include DCP, IMF App. 2, 2e (Studio Profile), App. 4 (Cinema Mezzanine), App 5 (ACES), IMF ProRes RDD45 and IMF for Broadcast & Online, AS-11, As-10, Apple iTunes packages, etc. MIST, for content mastering ICE, Reference Player for QC TORNADO, a transcoding engine designed to be integrated in facilities’ infrastructure to build automated transcoding workflows.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Marquise Technologies’ products address DCP and IMF workflows. We have developed the IMF Importer for Adobe, a tool that is natively integrated into Adobe Premiere Pro CC, which allows editors to import IMF packages for further editing within their Premiere Pro environment. IMF Importer supports multiple CPLs and supplemental packages in App 2/2e (Studio Profile).

Key Differentiators

Marquise Technologies is a software development company focused on forward-looking technologies for the media & entertainment industry. We focus on a very precise portion of the post-production workflow, mastering & QC, in order to propose dedicated and technologically advanced software solutions. Our software products are always proposed with options in order to be adjusted to customer needs at their best, and allows scalability of the investment in both hardware and software. Our small size permit very fast reaction and adaptability to new features request or new industry trends.

Adobe Products we support:

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