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The Storage Collaboration Platform for Creatives


Company Overview

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The storage collaboration platform.

LucidLink instantly connects people to data without the challenges presented by cloud storage. Access, share, and collaborate on projects anywhere in the world simultaneously, without the cost and delays of downloading or copying large files. No matter the size of the project, our solution supports workflows from video & audio to graphic design and more. The LucidLink platform is designed to make cloud storage act like a local hard drive, a familiar and flexible experience that allows creatives to maintain their current ways of working without interruption.

LucidLink was founded in 2016 and supports over one billion customer files across more than 40+ countries. The company is headquartered in San Francisco, California, with offices in Sofia, Bulgaria, and employees across North America, Europe, and Australia. To learn more, visit

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Adobe Integrations Overview

LucidLink enables Adobe Premiere Pro editors immediate access to video assets in cloud storage. Multiple editors collaborate on projects — simultaneously from anywhere. Requirements:

LucidLink Filespaces™ is a cloud file service providing Adobe Premiere Pro editors the fastest access to video assets stored in cloud storage. Designed specifically for rapid data access over distance, it turns the cloud into an extension of your hard drive, making terabytes of data immediately accessible from any location and any machine. Filespaces streams access to data in place, rather than downloading or syncing entire files, enabling collaboration on projects by multiple video editors simultaneously across any geographic location. Filespaces is compatible with most cloud storage providers, offers best-in-class security, and supports all major operating systems.

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