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Company Overview

Established in 2014, Insta360 creates the world’s most advanced and accessible 360-degree cameras. Designed lightweight and portable, Insta360’s products can be used for tourism, real estate, journalism, events and conferences, and by intrepid storytellers everywhere. Insta360 empowers users to create virtual-reality (VR) content and broadcast immersive experiences to the world with 360 live-streaming. Insta360’s goal is to make the 360VR as simple as traditional filmmaking.

Watch: “No-Stitch” 360 Video Editing in Premiere Pro

Adobe Integrations Overview

Our extension allows users to create an instant quick-stitched proxy file, saving time in post by only stitching what you need.

Key Differentiators

Easy to use, affordable, and powerful – Insta360 has a deep software background, enabling our users to benefit from continuous product improvements after release. We understand the need to develop a simple and efficient post production process to save users time and money.

Adobe Products we support:

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