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Infortrend Technology

Company Overview

Infortrend Technology is a pure-play Enterprise Data Storage solution provider with 25 years of history and a public listed company (TWSE: 2495) in Taiwan since 2002. In order to deliver the highest quality products and services, Infortrend integrated product development, design, manufacturing, technical consulting / support to deliver a comprehensive solution to our customers and successfully deployed more than 600,000 redundant rack-mounted systems worldwide.

Success stories:

Adobe Integrations Overview

Infortrend offers comprehensive storage solutions EonStor GS/GSe/CS that provide shared storage space for users to store their videos. Users can use NFS, SMB, and FTP to connect their workstations to the storage systems, and share the same storage space which makes collaborative editing more easy.

Key Differentiators

Adobe Products we support:

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