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Custom Adobe Plugins for Video Teams

Hyper Brew LLC

Company Overview

At Hyper Brew we help video teams work faster and smarter by building them custom Adobe Plugins and Desktop Apps.

After Effects and Premiere Pro plugins are our specialty. We also build for Photoshop, Illustrator, and other apps, as well as Desktop and Web apps.

From Video Automation and personalized videos to custom workflow tooling for After Effects, Premiere Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, and other Adobe Apps, our goal at Hyper Brew is to simplify the production process at each step.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Challenges of Video Production at Scale

As video production teams expand, the complexities they face intensify. Even for seasoned video, scaling brings its own set of problems.

Repetitive tasks become the norm, draining resources and hindering efficiency. High human error rates begin to creep in, posing threats to the quality and consistency of output. And finally, the creativity of your team can end up being stalled as they get bogged down with technical requirements.

This is where we come in…

We Help Video Teams Work Faster

Our team at Hyper Brew helps video teams of all sizes work faster and smarter by brainstorming their workflow speed bumps, and building custom Adobe plugins tailored to their team’s specific needs.

Our list of clients include the NFL, Skechers, Puget Systems, Battle Axe, PXL Agency, and more.

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We Specialize in Adobe Automation

We also are leaders in the Adobe development space partnering with Adobe for years to stay closely connected on new developments and planning the future of 3rd party extensibility. We also develop and maintain the open source frameworks Bolt CEP and Bolt UXP the for simplifying and accelerating the development process. These frameworks are used by development teams at Google, NFL, Battle Axe, and even Adobe.

Key Differentiators

We make it our goal to build tools that are efficient, reliable and intuitively designed to help you achieve new possibilities in video production.

Adobe Products we support:

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