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Your Lightning-Fast AI Video Editor


Company Overview

FireCut was founded in 2023 to help creators and video editors save time by getting to their first cut in minutes, not hours. Today, FireCut is used by creators to speed up their workflow, agencies to produce high-quality content faster for their clients, and companies to edit professional and social media content.


Adobe Integrations Overview

FireCut is a co-pilot for Adobe Premiere Pro that automates boring tasks (cutting silences, removing multiple takes, adding captions, detecting chapters, etc.) so you can focus on the creative stuff and get to your first cut quicker. Our users cut down their editing time by 30-50% with FireCut.

Key features:
- Cut silences (with lots of customizability)
- Remove filler words
- Remove repetition
- Captions in 50+ languages
- Zoom-ins at key moments
- Automatic Podcast editing
- Detect chapters
- Find B-roll (Premium B-roll powered by Storyblocks)
- Create highlights from long-form video

Key Differentiators

FireCut was built in collaboration with YouTuber Ali Abdaal to speed up the workflow of creators editing high-quality videos for YouTube and Instagram. Our feature set and user workflow is optimised with care to speed up the most important time-sink tasks for creators in a similar position -- in a way that's not disruptive to existing workflows.

Adobe Products we support:

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