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Company Overview

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About farmerswife Established in 1999, farmerswife was originally conceived by a team of highly qualified professionals working in post and film production. Today, headquartered in Palma, Spain, and Los Angeles, USA, farmerswife is the leading provider of resource scheduling, project management and team collaboration software for the demanding needs of today’s media industry. With clients in production, post-production, broadcasting, equipment rental, agencies, and education, we offer scalable solutions across our products, to help you manage your projects and teams at an unmatched price. 

Adobe Integrations Overview

farmerswife plans for exciting integrations for Adobe creatives using MoovIT’s innovative tools. These integrations will greatly improve media production workflows for video editors and content creators. Attendees at IBC 2023 will have the chance to learn more about the exciting advancements these integrations will bring to the future of the industry. In collaboration with MoovIT’s Helmut4 product, farmerswife will seamlessly integrate with Adobe’s projects, revolutionising workflows by creating efficient and streamlined processes. This integration will enable users to easily track and collaborate on the progress of each project, offering a game-changing solution for the creative industry and Adobe users.

Key Differentiators

One of the key differentiators of farmerswife over other software solutions on the market is its unlimited resources and projects. With availability on any device or operating system, farmerswife allows you to manage your business from anywhere. And let’s not forget about their exceptional support team, who have extensive experience in supporting and customizing workflows to meet the unique needs of their customers.

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