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Company Overview

Based in Emeryville, Calif., Diaquest Products LLC has been developing mission critical software for the video, film, and broadcast industries since 1982. Diaquest ProductionLink plug-in provides a direct and seamless connection between Adobe Creative Cloud applications (Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects) and Avid Interplay environments.

ProductionLink for Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects

Adobe Integrations Overview

Once installed as a plug in for Premiere Pro CC, After Effects CC, or both, Diaquest ProductionLink adds “Avid Interplay” as a destination for output and export settings within the applications.

Key Differentiators

The DiaQuest ProductionLink for Adobe plug-ins are fully compliant with Avid file formatting and folder organization. This means that once saved, files are immediately available to other Avid applications like Media Composer™. You can reliably and easily transfer content between Adobe and Avid systems because what used to take multiple manual steps becomes a single command. In a busy facility, this can save time and money, plus editors get more creative work done and spend less time on file management. ProductionLink exports Avid Mediafiles DNxHD® MXF OP-atom video files and individual PCM MXF OP-atom audio channel files. In addition, you can drag and drop from Interplay Access to Media Composer.

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