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The Chainless GmbH


Company Overview

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DeepVA is a visual data mining software that helps extracting any kind of information from images, videos and live streams. With our AI customisation services and our solutions for the acquisition of training data, you get the AI solution that is best suited to your needs, along your entire value chain. Gain insights from your content while minimising complexity and cost.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Combining our AI platform with Adobe Creative Cloud gives you new ways to build future-proof media production workflows. Our upcoming Adobe plug-in will allow you to track diversity while you are editing. Simply use the plug-in to analyse your timeline on the fly and gain insights into gender and age diversity to easily meet the 50:50 challenge.

By using our Speech-to-Text functionality, you can not only transcribe your audio and video to over 90 languages, but you can also apply your own dictionaries with your own terminology. The results can then be translated by our system and imported into Adobe Premiere.

But the real magic happens when you combine the power of Adobe, your media asset management or newsroom system and a workflow tool like HELMUT. Discover the possibilities of building the most sophisticated media workflows and integrate AI with a no-code approach. 

Key Differentiators

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