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Breaking Language Barriers using Generative AI Localization


Company Overview

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Deepdub GO

Deepdub brings Hollywood grade localization at your fingertips. Using the Deepdub GO platform in your browser, seamlessly transcribe, translate, collaborate and generate synthetic voices for your videos. With cutting edge deep learning technology, use emotional prompts to bring your synthetic voices to life in any language – they can read, shout, be amused or spontaneous. You can easily mix, edit the dialogues and make the necessary changes to generate a localized version of your video. Use markers and comments to collaborate with your team. Finally export the entire project to Adobe Premiere Pro to continue with your editing work.

Deepdub GO works on Chrome browsers.

About the company

Deepdub is the leading AI-based audiovisual dubbing and language localization company. Deepdub aims to bridge the language barrier and cultural gap of entertainment experiences for international audiences across TV, Film, Advertising, Gaming, e-Learning, Creators, Influencers and more. We provide a high-quality, end-to-end localization service that uses deep learning and AI algorithms. Deepdub GO is an AI-powered audio-video localization and creation platform that uses our proprietary generative AI technology, initially developed for the entertainment industry and used in collaboration with Hollywood studios on dozens of films and television projects.

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Adobe Integrations Overview

Import generated synthetic dialogues to your Adobe Premiere Pro projects.

Key Differentiators

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