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Video Automation Made Easy

Creative Workflow Solutions

Company Overview

For creatives using the Adobe suite, CWS is the premier video automation solution, providing end-to-end functionality that enables you to get back to creating. We know that every workflow is different so we offer custom solutions that deliver the exact results you need, all with the stamp of approval from Adobe as a certified video partner.

CWS’s smart tools have completed a week’s worth of video creation work in less than an hour. Just think about what you could do with all that time back! Book in a free consultation to get started today.

Adobe Integrations Overview

We’ve built hundreds of extensions for the Adobe suite that help users speed up existing workflows or create completely new workflows. All of our products are specifically designed to integrate with the necessary Adobe apps to provide the best possible user experience.

SubMachine – Fast Engaging Subtitles

SubMachine creates dynamic, customisable subtitles with the click of a button. All within Adobe Premiere Pro.

100 Videos in 100 Seconds

Notion database to Premiere Pro Infographics

Data To Sequence

Automated in and out points based on a data source.

Markers to Mogrts

Convert Premiere Pro marker data into mogrts with the click of a button.

Create Markers

Revolutionise the way you cut scripted projects. The quick way to create markers for filtering and organising large projects.

Some problems we’ve solved:

Key Differentiators

We build smart, creative tools that help you maximise your time.

Adobe Products we support:

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