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Company Overview

Founded in 2002, DigitalGlue provides equipment, integration, and software development for the production and distribution of digital video. is a division of DigitalGlue focused on On-Premise Managed Storage (OPMS) as a service for production and post-production companies, broadcast networks, television stations, churches, corporations, athletic teams, and ad agencies. storage solutions offer high-speed, high-capacity, 24/7 technical support and next-day repairs for an all-inclusive affordable monthly rate. Our service offering removes storage as a bottleneck by optimizing the latest, most advanced hardware and software for increased productivity, allowing clients to achieve uninterrupted creative flow.

Adobe Integrations Overview

We have performance tuned our storage to provide faster project load times and seamless real-time playback of even the most demanding video formats.

Key Differentiators’s storage solution is able to provide industry-leading performance with less hardware at a more affordable price without compromising enterprise features. Built-in analytics and media intelligence help your system stay ahead of potential bottlenecks that threaten to interrupt your creative flow. We ensure that all of our systems are built with a future-proof architecture that can scale as you grow both your team and the caliber of your work.

Adobe Products we support:

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