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Complete Plugins

Complete Plugins

Company Overview

Complete Plugins know their business when it comes to broadcast technical compliance. Written by Steve Crocker with 25 years experience with both hardware and software legalisation at Eyeheight as technical director, these plugins represent an industry standard and can fully meet EBU R103 and any other worldwide standard for video broadcast technical compliance. We are now completely rewriting the plugins to produce a flexible, fast and easy to use product so you can forget about any technical compliance worries and concentrate on creativity instead!

Adobe Integrations Overview

This plugin is simply installed using our installer and immediately works with Premiere Pro as a 30 day free trial.

Key Differentiators

Our product enables you to get your Premiere Pro edited content approved by any technical broadcast television QA department worldwide. Our productis also differentiated by providing soft clipping in order to keep all the detail in the highlights and dark areas that would be simply clipped out by other compliance products (such as gamut limiters). A typical standard is EBU-R103. We have a suite of 5 plugins encompassing gamut limiting with soft clip and a full setup plugin to enable the user to create any bespoke user standard. We also provide a comprehensive Safe Area Generator with worldwide standards as well as full user setup.

Adobe Products we support:

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