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CIS Group

Company Overview

Since 1988, CIS Group has been a Media Technology solutions provider & systems integrator with core competencies across the professional services spectrum. Over the years our scope has evolved to include: Consulting & Workflow Design, Integration, Full System Commissioning & Installation, Technical & Operational Training, Maintenance & Support, DevOps, and Managed Services. Focused exclusively on the MediaTech space, CIS has delivered countless solutions aimed at a variety of use cases throughout the Content Supply Chain – including live production, post-production, archiving, and distribution. In relying on CIS’s expertise, our clients have been able to outsource a lot of their technical challenges, and focus their energy and resources on how the technology we implement ultimately delivers business value and creative value to their organizations. Enabling our customers to achieve their desired business goals and operational goals by effectively implementing our solutions is what we mean when we say that customer success is in our DNA.

Adobe Integrations Overview

CIS Group is a service provider and systems integrator. As such, we do not have a panel or plug-in that is “off the shelf”. N/A.

Key Differentiators

CIS Group’s approach to media technology projects is differentiated from most other systems integrators in 2 ways:

1) Our team’s expertise and commitment to customer success. We are composed of a mixture of broadcast engineers and content creators from the operations side of media companies. As such, we not only have the experience and skillset to deliver an excellent quality of service, but also know first-hand what makes an exceptional partner for media organizations and video teams.

2) The framework that we apply to every project in order to determine what is the best solution for a given use case is consistent and simple to understand, while being complex to actually get right. More specifically, all of CIS’s projects get broken down into 4 key pillars from the customer perspective: business objectives, technical requirements, operational preferences, and budget constraints. At a surface level, these are straightforward to make sense of; however, when we double click into each one of these pillars, there are a lot of complexities that our projects team addresses in order to ensure that the solution proposed is the best fit for a given use case.

In summary, our people and our philosophy around project design, together, enable CIS to offer a truly unique value proposition to media organizations.

Adobe Products we support:

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