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Advanced Workflow Solutions


Company Overview

Founded by cinematographers, and headquartered in New York City, USA, Cinedeck manufactures innovative recording systems for use in all video production environments. Along with on-set monitoring, playback and quality control capabilities, these recorders also unify end-to-end, camera-to-post-to-archive workflows by offering the industry’s most comprehensive range of ready-to-edit output formats.

In 2016, Cinedeck released their first standalone software application incorporating cineXinsert, their patent-pending File-based Insert-Edit technology. File-based Insert Edit is a radically new workflow allowing considerable and measurable savings for post-production workflows.

Adobe Integrations Overview

cineXtools has released plugins that allow insert edit of video and audio directly from Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Instead of exporting the fixes to use with a separate application, as done traditionally with cineXtools, you can now use your favorite NLE’s export function to insert-edit the fixes directly to an already-exported file.

Key Differentiators

File-based insert edit.

Adobe Products we support:

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