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Company Overview

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Cinamaker is a simple, fast, and very affordable, multi-camera video production platform.

Use your iPad to control and live-edit up to 4 iPhones and/or digital cameras, mix audio, add graphics/video, and control visual effects while you record and live stream to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch or any RTMP destination.

With Cinamaker’s PerfectSync technology, you’ll save countless hours editing with the built-in live-editor while in playback. And with Cinamaker’s Adobe Panel integration, you’ll instantly transfer your project files into Adobe Premiere Pro saving more time refining your projects.

Download Cinamaker Director Pad for FREE from the App Store today and experience the future of live video production.

Adobe Integrations Overview

Cinamaker saves you countless hours in post production with our Adobe Panel integration. Following your recording captured with Cinamaker, with a simple mouse click, and in perfect sync, watch your line edit instantly appear in your Adobe Premiere Pro timeline with all cameras, edit decisions, metadata, graphics and audio ready for the finishing touches on your masterpiece.

Key Differentiators

Cinamaker’s live-production tools allow you to connect up to 4 iPhones and/or digital cameras, mix up to 8-channels of audio, overlay graphics/media (text, pictures, and video) include picture in picture and chroma key, switch cameras while recording and/or live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and other RTMP destinations. After recording, use Cinamaker’s built-in editor to overwrite edit decisions, graphics and audio, and post-edit all cameras.

Adobe Products we support:

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