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Creating Re-Creation


Company Overview

BRAIN MAGIC is convinced.
From today to tomorrow, from tomorrow to the day after tomorrow,
our steps lead to a better future.
We will accelerate human creativity – to the future of that coming future.
Our mission is to accelerate creative work all around the world through the power of technology.
We offer solutions that optimize the way you work, removing the little stresses
and inefficiencies hiding in all kinds of business and everyday situations.

Watch: Orbital 2

Adobe Integrations Overview

Orbital2 can work with all of Adobe products which have Key board short cut and also are available beyond a few products such as After Effects and Photoshop.

Key Differentiators

BRAIN MAGIC deliver the Orbital2 as a revolutionary input device developed for creators
with the purpose of removing keyboard operations when doing creative work. With its unique form factor, the Orbital2 combines high performance with miniature size at never-before-seen levels.
This device is the ideal sidekick to a mouse or pen tablet,
and with support for all of Adobe products, you will cut down work time and feel relief from pain and fatigue.

Adobe Products we support:

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