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Complex Media Software; Simplified.

Blue Lucy

Company Overview

Blue Lucy: Business Centric Implementation of Technology
Blue Lucy is a leading technology consultancy and software development agency specialising in supporting media operators realise a controlled migration of services to the cloud. The company is led by a team of industry experts and service international clients with a business-orientated approach to technology. Our core product, BLAM, is a cloud hybrid media and operations management platform which provides asset and workflow management through a simplified web-based tool set. BLAM is structured for ease of integration with third party systems and extensive customisation to deliver precise operational business benefits.

Adobe Integrations Overview

A panel providing complete access to our asset and workflow management system BLAM. The panel is accessed via extensions and allows media and projects stored in our MAM to be directly accessed. The panel also allows the exchange of temporal metadata in the form of Adobe Markers.

Key Differentiators

BLAM combines media management, workflow orchestration (including task management) and video processing in a single solution. The product focuses on providing a complete view of media operation: nothing will be more important than management information in the coming years.

BLAM has been designed as operationally agnostic and can therefore provide operational solutions to a broad range of traditionally different functions.

BLAM is truly modular and customisable meaning functionality can be added as needed and switched off when not required.

Adobe Products we support:

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