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Radically simple video search

Company Overview

We make remote video search and sharing radically simple. Even non-technical users embrace axle ai to easily, quickly, and precisely find, view, and add value to media.

Adobe Integrations Overview

axle ai panels for Adobe Creative Cloud allow users to remotely access and search their media catalog and import files to Adobe projects, all within the app interfaces.

Key Differentiators

Perfect for Remote Teams

Whether you’ve just started to work remotely, or you’ve always been a distributed team, axle ai enables users to access centrally stored media from anywhere, securely, via our reverse proxy workflow. Take advantage of all the capabilities of axle ai, including ai-powered auto tagging and downloading your original hi-res files, from any web browser when you’re on the road, on location, or in the home office.

Easy fit

Our software installs quickly and connects with the storage you already own, using your existing folder setup. It doesn’t force you to check in files to special locations or to upload them to the cloud. And you can access all of your media from any web browser, smartphone, or tablet. Hundreds of creative teams worldwide are already using axle.

AI Powered

Now your media can be automatically tagged based on scenes, locations, and events. Provide searchable transcripts of audio; recognize faces, logos and more.”

Adobe Products we support:

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